Resplendent beginnings

In 1767, the Boch brothers opened a ceramics factory in Luxembourg. One of the first designs to be painted on their porcelain was the "brindille" pattern. The outstanding quality of the tableware manufactured by the Bochs soon was described as being "in the Luxembourg style". This tradition inspired the name Old Luxembourg - a set rich in tradition recalls our resplendent beginnings and that is still used and loved by many, to this day.

Tradition is always modern

Outstanding design is characterised by one thing above all: timelessness. And timelessness also describes the tableware collection steeped in tradition, Old Luxembourg, featuring the French "brindille" pattern. For almost 250 years, the small blue blossoms on a branch have adorned this organically-designed porcelain service. This delicate rococo motif ranks among the most famous and popular tableware decors of all time.

The refinement of tableware

Many aspects come together to create a perfect table setting – but what first catches the eye is the shape and design of the individual tableware pieces. The perfect harmony between these two elements is the most striking feature of the Old Luxembourg collection. Fine details, such as the gentle waves and delicate blue lines around the edge of each piece, lend the collection an exquisite elegance. A set that adds refinement to any personalised tableware collection.