Discover the wonderful world of Soup Passion and create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
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In winter, we warm up from the inside with hot soups from distant lands. Come with us on a world tour of exotic spices and forgotten vegetable varieties. Our new favourite ingredients from Vietnam, Japan, Great Britain, France and Germany give these dishes their typical flavour and boost our immune system, helping us to stay fighting fit throughout the winter months. Discover worlds of flavour that inspire dreams.

Pho soup


Cream of pea soup
Great Britain


Vegetable soup

Vietnam – pho soup

Healthy and hearty

Healthy cooking in Vietnam. The wok is the culinary tool of choice here. It is used to steam, braise or stir-fry in a little vegetable oil fresh vegetables, fish (with the sea on the doorstep, fresh seafood is on the menu everywhere) and meat. For maximum aroma, the spices are toasted in the wok before cooking. These spices used are generally ginger, garlic, chilli and lemongrass which boost the immune system and kill harmful bacteria. The national dish is pho. At cooking stands by the roadside, people eat this rice noodle soup with meat or tofu all day long (for the equivalent of around 50 euro cents!). Thanks to the fourth emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, Tu Duc, who ruled Vietnam from 1847 to 1883, the country's traditional cuisine now includes over 500 different dishes. Most of them are served with rice and topped with various fresh herbs, such as basil, coriander, parsley and mint. An essential part of any meal is one of the many fish sauces. The main ingredient is fish that has been fermented for around 12 months. Try it anyway!

Relax in comfort on the couch with a bowl of soup

The practical porcelain tray is big enough to hold even the largest bowl and still has lots of space for everything else we enjoy with our soup. Whether you prefer a spoon or chopsticks, the integrated groove in the Asia bowl can easily accommodate either. Simply relax and enjoy!


Well-being moments

It doesn't always need to be sushi. Japan has much more to offer. For example, classic miso soup with fresh seaweed, tofu and miso (a fermented soya bean paste). Together with seafood, vegetables and, of course, rice, these foods are part of the staple diet of the archipelago. And the Japanese seem to be doing pretty well on them – with the highest life expectancy in the world! But Japan isn't just about down-to-earth worker's fare. Today, people are also very happy to spend a great deal of money in posh restaurants (Tokyo has more starred restaurants than Paris). And nothing stands for Japanese haute cuisine more than Kaiseki. Everything revolves around the quality of ingredients, flavour and plating here, with artistic presentations and tempting delicacies displayed on fine crockery. Not forgetting an important part of Japanese food culture: the most expensive beef in the world from the Kobe region. Kobe beef comes from Tajima cattle and features a distinctive strong marbling and – super healthy – the lowest proportion of saturated fatty acids. The strict quality standards are reflected in the high price (400 to 600 euros per kilo). But, it's a real treat!

For that zen feeling!

The Asia bowl with lid is the idea choice for anyone who enjoys selecting their toppings at leisure. The compartments in the lid make sure everything stays fresh and crispy. It also keeps our soup nice and warm. A spoon or chopsticks can be rested in the integrated groove or on the porcelain tray. This ensures that everything is close to hand, leaving us free to simply savour the pleasure.

GREAT BRITAIN – Cream of pea soup with extra bacon

London calling

British cuisine is changing fast. Even chefs like Jamie Oliver, known mainly for his hearty – and extremely tasty – recipes using lots of butter, cream and bacon, has devoted his latest book to the topic of super foods. Nevertheless, national dishes such as fish and chips, a Sunday roast or chicken tikka masala are still popular and a big part of the food culture in Great Britain. Differences in cuisine are also apparent between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, although these are not particularly major and heavy dishes remain a common theme. As always, balance is important. Ideally, we should combine the comfort food feeling with a few super foods. Just like the new British cuisine, which uses high-quality ingredients to create innovative twists on traditional recipes. Such as cream of pea soup with extra bacon. We think it's great!


Enjoy a touch of "je ne sais quoi" at home

Nowhere is the pleasure culture so celebrated as in France, the land of wine and cheese (with over 400 cheese varieties). The French court was regarded as culturally superior in the 17th and 18th centuries and this meant French cooking was also very much in vogue in noble households throughout Europe. Haute cuisine was then invented a hundred years later. The upper echelons of society agreed: eating is all about pleasure. So it's hardly surprising that heavy sauces such as bechamel are as characteristic of French cuisine as eclairs, coq au vin and quiche. We are presenting a super healthy and yet very traditional dish: bouillabaisse fish soup. This Provençal speciality was first cooked by fishermen in the 18th century. It is traditionally served with a baguette and "rouille", a spicy garlic sauce similar to mayonnaise. Pour a glass of chardonnay and "la vie est belle".

A great idea

A soup ladle fits perfectly between the handles of the large tureen for four people, allowing you to easily carry everything you need. The small one-person tureens are a novel alternative to a bowl and the handles allow you to easily hold them without burning yourself. For exceptional, stylish soup pleasure - on your own or with friends!


Soup power

Germany, and more specifically Berlin, is way out in front when it comes to healthy eating. From one organic juice bar you can already spot the next one. Always looking out for the next super food. Crispy vegetable soups with fresh herbs and healthy toppings are a perfect choice in winter. Pomegranate seeds contain lots of antioxidants which help to combat stress and work together with vitamin C as a natural anti-ageing ally. As well as its awareness of healthy eating, the city's original charm is still very much in evidence: currywurst sausage, Königsberger Klopse meatballs and potato soup with sausages never go out of fashion here. Our version combines traditional and modern!

A real multi-tasker

The large soup bowl comes with an extra bowl. The recessed handle not only allows you to easily carry the complete bowl without burning your fingers, it is also perfect for holding bread, salad and various soup toppings. To make our time in the office as relaxed as possible.


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