Serves 4:

• 2 ripe peaches
• 1 rote Paprika
• 4 teaspoons of marzipan
• 4 tablespoons of mascarpone
• 80 g amaretti biscuits
• 2 teaspoons of Amaretto (leave out for children)

Barbecued peaches with mascarpone cream and amaretti


1. Halve the peaches and remove the stones. Place each half, cut surface upwards, on a piece of buttered aluminium foil (or in a grill pan).

2. Crush the marzipan with a fork and combine with the mascarpone cream. Spread the creamy mixture over the peaches.

3.Roughly break up the amaretti biscuits and sprinkle over the fruit, pressing them down gently. Add a dash of Amaretto over the top.

4. Cook in the medium-hot barbecue with the lid closed for about 10 minutes until the amaretti biscuits turn golden brown, checking regularly as cooking times can vary considerably depending on the barbecue.

5. MGarnish with a sprig of mint and spoon the juices produced during cooking over the top. For an even more luxurious dessert: add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Nectarines can also be used.