Serves 4:

• 4 Iberico pork cutlets (approx. 250 g)
• finely chopped red and yellow peppers
• 1 red jalapeño pepper
• 2 sprigs each of rosemary and thyme
• 4 tablespoons of olive oil
• sea salt, coarse ground pepper
• 200 g lettuce (spinach, radicchio, rocket, watercress)
• salad dressing made up of 3 tablespoons of yoghurt, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 teaspoon mustard, 1 teaspoon chopped chives
• Barbecue sauce

Barbecued Iberico Pork Cutlets


1. For the marinade, mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 teaspoon each of fresh dried and chopped leaves of thyme and rosemary. Rub this into the cutlets and leave to stand for 2 hours at room temperature.

2. Place the cutlets over the glowing barbecue embers and grill both sides for approx. 2 minutes until a beautiful golden brown crust forms. Push the embers to one side and finish cooking the meat by turning it several times on the cooler side of the grill (for approx. 4-5 minutes).

3. Season with sea salt, pepper, the remaining herbs, the finely chopped peppers and the jalapeño pepper and the remaining olive oil.

4. For a traditional "Spanish BBQ", the Iberico meat should remain slightly pink and should yield slightly to finger pressure – the ideal internal temperature of the meat should be 58 to 60 degrees. This can be measured, if necessary, with a meat thermometer. Gently place a piece of aluminium foil over the cutlets, and allow to rest for at least another 5 minutes on a pre-heated platter, turning them once. This will ensure that the heat and meat juices are evenly distributed.

5. Wash the lettuce, dry in a lettuce spinner and dress with the yoghurt dressing.

Enjoy with: barbecue sauce (or spicy tomato chutney).

Preparation times:

• marinating time: 2 hours

• barbecuing and resting time: approx. 15 mins.