Perfect for the barbecue season

Barbecuing continues to be a worldwide trend

Regardless of who is barbecuing what and where, freshly grilled food is delicious on every continent. Based on the 'Save the Taste' motto, the BBQ Passion collection takes up this trend and stands for pure barbecue enjoyment – whether it's meat, fish or vegetables that you're grilling.


“Products awarded the German Design Award 2017,
the Red Dot Design Award 2015 and named the KüchenInnovation des Jahres 2016.”

Villeroy & Boch Know-How

"Where once, the Germans would have invited their friends to a "grill", they have now started using the term "barbecue". What is meant by this term is, of course, a convivial gathering where food is prepared over an open fire. But doesn't barbecuing and grilling mean the same thing? Experts answer this question with a resounding "NO". The term "barbecue" does not refer to quickly grilling a piece of meat over glowing embers but rather to slowly smoking meat over burning charcoal or wood."