Oh Christmas tree

Intricate Christmas tree decoration

For many, the Christmas tree is the focal point of a festive home during the Christmas season. It has become an endearing harbinger of Christmas Day and its bright lights promise Christmas presents and a time of reflection with our loved ones. Many families still enjoy the wonderful tradition of decorating the Christmas tree together and can enhance its look even more with our intricate Christmas tree decoration.

Nostalgic Ornaments

The porcelain pendants from this collection will inspire you to add nostalgic, classic decoration, won’t make the tree look too overloaded and also harmonise beautifully with warm LED lighting.

Toy's Delight saucer

Juliane’s decorating tip:

Toy‘s Delight bread plate as tree decoration

Unique decorations for your tree

Unique Christmas tree decorations can also be beautifully combined with classic porcelain pendants and baubles. The nativity scene is a must under the Christmas tree. Tell the Christmas story in your living room using the manger from the Christmas Toys Memory collection – and not only your children's eyes will light up.

Every single year

Christmas is a time of harmony – everything simply has to be perfect. It’s easy to set a good example with your Christmas tree decoration. In fact, our ornament collections can be beautifully mixed and matched with each other, creating a magically unique atmosphere on your tree year after year. When decorating your tree, please make sure that you hang the ornaments far enough inwards – this will prevent them from slipping off the branch when the tree becomes less tense after a while.

Toy‘s Delight Decoration

Whether stylish baubles with our popular Toy’s Delight décor or playful miniature versions of our festive porcelain – these intricate ornaments deserve a box seat on your Christmas tree.