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shower trays for the perfect feel-good moments

Start your feel-good ritual in the morning with a touch of luxury, as provided by our elegant-looking, high-quality shower trays. Stylish shower trays influence the look of your bathroom along with the washbasin, bath and bathroom furniture. Natural materials, which come together in sophisticated shapes and décors to help you enjoy moments of peace and relaxation, or a clear design that strips the bathroom down to the bare essentials while boasting comfortable purism: design your bathroom as you’ve always imagined it with the stylish shower trays from Villeroy & Boch and transform it into a place that satisfies your functional and luxurious needs. Moreover, the elegant look of the shower systems conceals exquisite quality.

Showers – as individual as your shower preferences

The shapes

Square, rectangle or quadrant: the shape of your shower tray is not only relevant from an aesthetic point of view, but is also a key factor in bathroom design.

Square shower trays

Square-shaped shower trays – primarily in sizes 80 x 80 or 90 x 90 cm – are the most popular version, especially when replacing an existing shower. This classic type of shower tray is also available in a number of different sizes. Its compact construction means it can fit into practically any bathroom. Thanks to its versatility, it can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom, opening up extensive scope for bathroom designs. Square shower trays are ideal as back-to-wall and corner solutions. Furthermore, the outlet fittings can be placed where they need to be simply by turning the square tray.

Rectangular shower trays

Rectangular shower trays have a more modern look than their square counterparts. Moreover, rectangular models provide a larger showering area thanks to their longer length while making the bathroom look even more spacious. Rectangle-shaped trays are ideal for back-to-wall and corner installations, especially in narrow bathrooms. If you are planning on replacing your bath with a shower, then the rectangular solution is the perfect choice.

Quadrant shower trays

Quadrant showers feature a rounded front that gives it an unusual look, turning it into a stylish eye-catcher in the bathroom. Its curved design breaks up bathroom designs that are usually dominated by straight lines. Moreover, the quadrant design is a space-saving sensation and an elegant corner solution in tiny bathrooms.

The sizes

Feel at home under your shower and make sure you choose a shower tray with a size that will make your refreshing experience perfect. The current trend is clearly moving towards large shower trays. This is why our product range not only includes standard sizes, but also square models measuring 120 x 120 cm and rectangular shower trays measuring 180 x 100 cm. Furthermore, we offer special sizes and customised bathroom solutions. Shower trays from the Subway Infinity and Squaro Infinity collections can be cut to size to ensure your shower fits in your bathroom with millimetre accuracy.

Shower tray depth

A deep shower tray or flush-fitting: Villeroy & Boch shower trays provide maximum flexibility in designing your own dream bathroom by providing various installation options.

Extra-flat thanks to flush-fitting installation

Flush-fitting shower trays are installed level with the bathroom floor so that the shower transitions seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom, creating an open effect. Ultra-flat is not only in line with current bathroom trends, but it also provides considerable advantages for accessibility. Floor-level shower trays allow easy entry and exit – as practical walk-in showers.


Surface-mounted shower trays have a rim of 2-4 cm, which clearly separates the functional area from the rest of the bathroom. Despite its small base, its low profile allows easy entry. Furthermore, deep trays make it more difficult for water to splash over the rim.

On a base

This installation type consists of the shower tray resting on a base, which separates the functionality and look of the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Choosing to incorporate the shower outlet into the base makes it easy to install in any bathroom – even in bathrooms where the floor is not very deep. Moreover, the base of the shower tray can be custom-designed so that you can adapt it to match the rest of your bathroom style.

Acrylic shower trays

Sanitary acrylic is a light plastic, which is easy to shape. It feels nice and warm to the touch, almost soft – for pure relaxing moments. The surfaces are smooth yet non-slip, so that acrylic shower trays ensure a secure grip. Furthermore, the material is unbreakable, can even be repaired and is easy to clean. Properties that make acrylic the perfect material for contemporary bathroom designs.

Quaryl® shower trays

Quaryl® is a unique innovative material developed by Villeroy & Boch that brings together the best properties of sanitary acrylic and natural quartz. Robust surfaces and durable quality meet expressive design in Quaryl® shower trays. Moreover, the material is pleasant to the touch, making it ideal for relaxing feel-good moments in your dream bathroom.


The stylish shower trays from Villeroy & Boch are available in a wealth of colours and décors to help you design the dream bathroom you always imagined.

Designer décor

Another way to express your individuality in your private sanctuary is with ViPrint, which you can use in our Subway Infinity collection. This innovative printing technique brings our most popular tile patterns onto your shower tray – it turns your shower into a real designer model by providing numerous options for designing your bathroom.