The clever outlet and overflow

Their stylishly smooth aesthetics make washbasins without an overflow elegant design objects in the bathroom. We can now offer you an innovative solution to prevent the washbasin from overflowing if the water level rises: ViFlow, the clever outlet and overflow. It is fitted discreetly under the washbasin to ensure that nothing diverts attention from the streamlined contours. It also offers an advantage in terms of hygiene. Washbasins without an overflow hole can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly. Discover ViFlow in our modern Finion collection and enjoy an exclusive premium design.

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ViFlow - simple operation

Open basin valve
The water flows through the valve into the waste water pipe. 

Closed basin valve
Operating the pop-up waste lever closes the valve. The water builds up in the basin and the overflow pipe. 

Overflow function
If the water level in the overflow pipe rises to the set height, surplus water flows over the two-section pipe into the waste water pipe. This prevents the basin from overflowing. You can then use the pop-up waste lever to open the valve again and allow the water to simply drain away.

ViFlow – perfect design for Finion washbasins

With its puristic design, clever features and perfection in every detail, Finion is setting new standards for stylish looks in the bathroom. With their extremely thin walls and edges, the washbasins create a particularly minimalist and elegant effect, ideally complemented by the concealed ViFlow overflow. 

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Discover the clever advantages of ViFlow

  • Reliable and easy to operate: ViFlow automatically prevents overflowing if the washbasin fills with water
  • The washbasin is easier to clean as there is no need for an overflow hole
  • ViFlow is compatible with all taps with lever-operated pop-up waste
  • Adjustable water level and overflow height
  • Very flat ceramic valve cover in the colours White Alpin, Star White and Edelweiss