Oliver Conrad

The specialist for purist design.

Oliver Conrad’s hallmark lies in his purist style and minimalist designs. His work appears natural and simple while also remaining unique and functional. In his view, the fact that he was raised in an architectural family forms only one factor in his success. He feels that his curiosity and ability to listen played a much more important role. For Oliver Conrad, remaining tolerant and maintaining a positive attitude are important. These create an openness towards other people, which is important when it comes to allowing his creativity to take flight.

Oliver’s successful collaboration with Villeroy & Boch began in 2000. The goal was to combine his own ideas with external expertise. In the meantime, Oliver Conrad has completed several projects that bear witness to his expertise and high-quality product design. This is especially true of his bathroom and wellness collections. Not only did they receive several awards, but they are also considered true classics of contemporary modern architecture.

The collections

Oliver Conrad designed two different bathroom collections for Villeroy & Boch: the My Nature Collection and the Architectura system concept. What these have in common is their impressive and unique design and the fact that they are produced from materials of the highest quality.

Oliver Conrad
My Nature

My Nature

The My Nature Collection reflects people’s desire to live in harmony with nature and to be more careful in their use of natural resources. Sustainability and naturalness are key concepts that Oliver Conrad has taken to heart and stylishly employed in the My Nature Collection. 

The curvacious, fine and thin ceramics are characteristic of the entire series. Another important aspect is the use of locally-sourced wood, as the use of renewable resources was seen as vital. The purist elements combine with smooth lines and transitions that have an attractive simplicity. The unique design offers plenty of scope for personal configuration.

Oliver Conrad's My Nature Collection turns every bathroom into a wellness oasis. The clear structures and materials it uses create a feeling of well-being and comfort. That was just what the collection hoped to accomplish: people and furniture in harmony with nature and its elements. The various utensils can be placed in the room according to personal preference. For example, the bath can be attached to the wall with a wooden element or placed free-standing in the middle of the room. 


Architectura is a uniform system concept from Oliver Conrad, which was first presented to the industry at the ISH global trade fair in 2013.

The collection offers customers a wide variety of opportunities to personalise the design. Angular, circular or oval variations are available. Typical products in the collection include toilets, urinals and wash basins. The latter are designed using the modular principle. Wash basins are therefore available in under-frame, counter-mounted and semi wall-mounted versions.

The service associated with the actual product deserves special emphasis: professional users are able to contact an expert at any time by calling the hotline. In addition, QR codes are included on the manufacturer's labels. The codes have information about the products and provide support during assembly and can be easily accessed using a smartphone or tablet. 

My Nature
My Nature

Red Dot Award 2011

Oliver Conrad's My Nature collection was twice awarded the coveted "Red Dot Design Award". In 2011, he impressed the jury with his ceramic wash basins and his baths with their integrated wooden elements. Special praise was given for the linking of functionality with clearly structured forms, which is unique in the market. 

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