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Almost no other sanitary ceramic bathroom product comes into quite such frequent use as the toilet. As well as their outstanding functionality, Villeroy & Boch's modern toilets impress with their great comfort and excellent hygiene. High-quality materials ensure a comfortable seat and are easy to clean. With Villeroy & Boch's stylish designer toilets, you can be sure of making the right decision.

Discover our extensive range of comfortable and high-quality toilets.

Wall-mounted toilets

The wall-mounted toilet is a classic choice. It is hung securely on the bathroom wall and designed to allow easier cleaning.

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Floor-standing toilets

Standing toilets supported on a pedestal are available with ceramic cisterns and can be installed with the outlet leading into the wall or the floor.

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Rimless toilets

Villeroy & Boch's innovative DirectFlush rimless toilets allow very quick and thorough cleaning and ensure maximum hygiene.

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Round toilets

The round toilet seat feels very comfortable to sit on and is the most popular shape in the bathroom.


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Square toilets

Square toilets add a modern, striking note to your bathroom design. Once again, the emphasis is on comfort.


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Compact WCs

Their reduced depth makes compact toilets very space-saving and an ideal choice for small bathrooms or guest toilets.

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Featuring a pleasant flow of cleansing warm water, shower toilets are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

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Wash-down toilets

The classic wash-down toilet minimises bathroom odours and can be installed as either a wall-mounted or floor-standing version.

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Wash-out toilets

Wash-out toilets have a ledge in the bowl and are available in wall-mounted or floor-standing versions.

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Comfort WCs

Extra-large toilets feel even more comfortable to sit on.


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Raised toilets

Raised toilets make it easier to stand up and sit down. They are ideal for the tall or those with limited mobility. 

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Elongated toilets

Toilets with an elongated shape are an ideal accessible solution for wheelchair users as they allow an easier transition from wheelchair to toilet.  

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Top sellers

You can find our most popular toilet collections here.



Hygienic, economic and attractively designed: Villeroy & Boch toilets.



Rimless DirectFlush toilets allow very fast and thorough cleaning. The entire inner surface of the bowl is flushed clean with absolutely no splashes - and with reduced water consumption.



The innovative AntiBac toilet surface has been proven to reduce the growth of bacteria by more than 99.9%, providing lasting protection in the bathroom. This also makes it an ideal choice for buildings with strict requirements for hygiene and cleanliness.



Villeroy & Boch’s CeramicPlus makes it very easy and efficient to clean toilets. Water simply rolls off the high-quality surface. Dirt and limescale have almost no chance to adhere to the toilet bowl.



The innovative ViFresh rim-block compartment is integrated inconspicuously in the ceramic. It can be filled without touching the toilet bowl and provides a fresh fragrance and optimum flush performance.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: Innovation from the experts.

Water-saving & environmentally friendly

Villeroy & Boch is one of the first manufacturers to supply environmentally friendly water-saving 3/4.5 litre toilets. We are therefore setting new standards in ecology and economy - without altering usage habits.

Easy cleaning

Antibacterial hygiene solutions and dirt-repellent surfaces allow considerably faster and easier cleaning of Villeroy & Boch toilets. Cleaning is also more thorough, for maximum effortless hygiene in your bathroom.

Complete solutions

From concealed installation systems to sanitary ceramics, coordinating bathroom furniture and accessories: Villeroy & Boch's diverse range includes all the products and solutions you need for your bathroom.

Design expertise

Many renowned interior designers work with Villeroy & Boch product experts to design striking bathroom collections. Villeroy & Boch: Design with tradition.

Accessible solutions

Villeroy & Boch offers a wide range of innovative and aesthetically appealing solutions for age-appropriate and accessible bathrooms for people with disabilities - from toilets to washbasins and shower trays.


Villeroy & Boch stands for modern technology and top quality. Our products go through a series of detailed inspections to guarantee consistently high quality.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our toilets here.

What is the difference between a wash-down and a wash-out toilet?

The wash-down toilet is now the most widely used model in our bathrooms. Excrement falls directly into the water-filled siphon. This design reduces odours. There can, however, be occasional splashes. The absence of a ledge in the bowl makes the toilet easier to clean. In a classic wash-out toilet, excrement first falls onto a ledge. This can be useful if you need to take a stool sample. However, there can be negative consequences in terms of odours. This is one reason why toilets with this flush system are now found mainly in doctors’ surgeries or hospitals and are becoming increasingly rare in bathrooms in domestic homes.

Which accessible solutions are available?

Villeroy & Boch offers different collections designed specially for accessible use: O.novo Vita, Architectura Vita.

What is the difference between SupraFix 2.0 and SupraFix 3.0?

The new advantage of SupraFix 3.0 is the option of installing the toilet seat either flush-fitting or overhanging, depending on the customer’s preference. SupraFix 3.0 still offers all the advantages of SupraFix 2.0, of course: quick and easy installation from above by just one person and concealed attachment.

What is the difference in installation with SupraFix 3.0 in comparison with SupraFix 2.0?

SupraFix 3.0 and SupraFix 2.0. There is just one additional step when fitting the seat on the toilet: use of vario nuts in the bolts.
For detailed information, consult the enclosed installation instructions and watch the installation video on the Villeroy & Boch YouTube channel.

Care instructions

Follow our cleaning and care tips to ensure lasting enjoyment of your Villeroy & Boch toilet.

General everyday care

Villeroy & Boch ceramic sanitaryware has a smooth, dense and virtually scratch-proof surface that is resistant to all common household acids and alkalis. Clean water and a damp cloth are often all you need for everyday care. Water marks, residual grease or soap can be removed easily using a bathroom cleaner or vinegar-based cleaning product. If you would like to avoid harsh chemicals entirely, you can use household vinegar or diluted vinegar essence to quickly remove limescale marks.

Care of CeramicPlus

For regular care of CeramicPlus, we recommend a standard general-purpose cleaner and a kitchen sponge with a soft, non-scratch surface or a microfibre cloth. Avoid abrasive powder cleaners, as over time their use could impair the water-repellent effect.